Medicine Procedure Service (MPS)

The primary mission of the Medicine Procedure Service (MPS) is to improve access to the highest quality procedure and point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) services for our patients by providing a comprehensive care to both inpatients and outpatients via a consultative, core faculty driven, supervision-first model.

Our MPS faculty perform or supervise about 2000 procedures per year including arterial line placement, arthrocentesis, central line (and HD line) placement, diagnostic POCUS of lung and assessment for ascites, lumbar puncture, paracentesis, and thoracentesis. The MPS has revolutionized our approach to bedside procedures by expanding both the number and availability of high-volume expert proceduralists, standardizing care, and utilizing available information technologies to manage patients and track complications. Since expanding services to outpatients in both adjacent clinics and the Emergency Department, the MPS has virtually obviated wait times for relevant diagnostic and palliative bedside procedures for Oncology patients. The MPS also serves as the clinical foundation of procedure and POCUS education and implementation efforts at the Anschutz Medical Campus, offering an innovative Advanced Practice Fellowship Elective in Procedures and steadfastly offering supervision to any learner from a primary team or outpatient clinic.

The MPS is staffed by both a physician and an advanced practice provider and is available to all adult patients 7 days per week from 7AM to 4PM.


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