APP Consulting Program (APPCon)

Building Interprofessional Teams and Advanced Practice Fellowships

About APPCon

The Division of Hospital Medicine at the University of Colorado has established a robust community of Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) and Advanced Practice Fellows (APF), characterized by high retention rates among APFs and APPs, active engagement in academic endeavors by APPs, and consistently high levels of job satisfaction. This success has garnered national recognition, prompting significant interest from external entities seeking to emulate or enhance their own APP groups or advanced practice fellowship programs.

In response to this demand, our division has created a formal consulting initiative designed to assist hospitals nationwide in revitalizing or establishing APP groups and advanced practice fellowship programs. Recognizing the pivotal role that APPs play in the present and future landscape of healthcare delivery, our overarching objective is to foster a thriving community of Physician and APPs equipped to navigate forthcoming changes in healthcare. Central to our approach is a commitment to active listening, collaborative problem-solving, and knowledge dissemination. We firmly believe in the collective learning and continuous improvement fostered by mutual collaboration within the healthcare community.

Aligned with our division's mission to "improve lives through excellence in patient care, education, and cutting-edge innovation," our consulting program is positioned to contribute meaningfully to advancing healthcare delivery practices. By sharing our insights, best practices, and innovative strategies, we aim to empower healthcare institutions to promote professional development among APPs, drive forward-thinking approaches to healthcare delivery, and improve patient and provider experiences on a broader scale.

APP Development Track

APF Development Track

  • Approach to hiring/interviews
  • Onboarding Practices for both Physicians and APPs 
  • Clinical Operations/Integration of APPs
  • Faculty Development and building a growth mindset 
  • Creating and Sustaining APP Leadership Opportunities 
  • Mentorship and Coaching for APPs
  • Building a collaborative Physician-APP culture
  • Provider experience
  • How To Start a Fellowship:
    • Organizational Structure 
    • Creating Goals & Evaluations
    • Integration into Clinical Teams
    • Curriculum
    • Faculty Development
    • Hiring Process
  • Discussion with our Core Faculty Lead
  • Leadership Structure Discussion 
  • Shadowing Fellows & Teaching
  • Program Coordinator
  • Discussions with our Simulation Center Teams 

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