Hospital Medicine Sub-Internship

The Hospital Medicine Sub-Internship promotes mastery of the principles taught in the Health Innovations Scholars Program and an application of a “systems improvement” mindset to clinical practice. This Sub-Internship is available to fourth-year medical students planning to pursue careers in Internal Medicine, Hospital Medicine (including adult and pediatric hospital medicine), or those with an interest in systems improvement. Sub-interns are paired one-on-one with an attending who is a member of the academic Hospital Medicine Group at the University of Colorado, Denver. Our attendings are expert clinicians and master educators who care for general medicine patients at our high-acuity, high-volume, academic referral center. The Sub-Internship utilizes the framework of our nationally renowned Hospitalist Training Program​, which emphasizes didactic and bedside training on patient safety, quality improvement, transitions of care, and healthcare finance. In addition, Hospital Medicine Sub-Interns participate in all educational opportunities available to traditional Internal Medicine sub-interns. Because students receive academic credit for the sub-internship, there is no stipend for the Sub-Internship program.

Applying for the Hospital Medicine Sub-Internship
We are glad you're interested in the HM Sub-Internship. Because our Hospital Medicine Sub-I exists within the school of medicine, you will need to apply through the Visiting Student Application Service to upload all necessary information.

For general externship issues please contact Christopher King, MD​.