Clinical Educator Track


We know that a 3 year research intensive fellowship does not meet the professional training needs of all fellows.  Some trainees see their future in a clinical educator role at an academic medical center or a teaching hospital.  The endocrine fellowship program at UCD provides outstanding training for individuals with this goal as well.  We work with fellows during their first year of fellowship to determine what the best training pathway for the second year will be. 

Individuals who are seeking a 2 year training program have the option of a second year that can be tailored to their own educational goals.  Some fellows divide their second year between 50-70% research and 59-25% clinical training being supported by a 1 year VA research training position with no requirement for a 3rd year of fellowship.  This allows fellows to gain more experience with a research project that they are interested in without committing to a full 3 years of training.  Other clinical educator fellows are supported by the Department of Medicine and engage in formal training in educational methods and/or education research.  All fellows complete a QI project and participate in scholarship. Fellows receive focused teaching on medical education topics through the University of Colorado Endocrine Educator Series during the second year of fellowship. Fellows can also take advantage of formal training opportunities in medical education provided by the Academy of Medical Educators

Second year clinical educator fellows typically spend 1-2 half days per week in their continuity clinic(s) and one half day per week is devoted to specialized training in lipid disorders, gestational diabetes/reproductive endocrinology, and osteoporosis/metabolic bone disease. In addition, second year fellows can spend time on the inpatient Glucose Management Team at the University of Colorado Hospital, at the Barbara Davis Center for Type 1 Diabetes, in any of the endocrine subspecialty clinics, including thyroid neoplasms, pituitary, and transgender clinic, and at the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center to name just a few of the available options.