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Scholarship in Education & Innovation (ScEI) Club 

What is it?

ScEI Club is a monthly lunchtime “brown bag” group session to learn about different educational topics, network, and present educational scholarship. Educators from any discipline and at any stage of career are welcome. Participants are encouraged to submit projects or topics at any stage of development for group discussion. Come join a friendly group of colleagues to bounce ideas, find collaborators, and obtain feedback!

ScEI Club Goals

  1. Facilitate access to collective minds to increase the overall quality of educational scholarship across CU.
  2. Enhance the link between theory and practice in health professions education.
  3. Increase educational scholarship, innovation, and collaboration.

ScEI Club Format

Each one-hour session will consist of the following components:

Participant Introductions (10 minutes)

  • Meet new friends and share your roles and experiences

Theory Corner (10 minutes)

  • One participant will lead a discussion of a favorite theory they have used or are hoping to use in their health professions education work

Works in Progress (20 minutes)

  • A participant (or team) presents an overview of a project you’re working on to garner feedback, additional ideas, and maybe even collaborators! Projects can be in the initial design stage through recently completed.

Hot Topics (20 minutes)

  • A designated participant will lead discussion of a specific topic or issue they’ve recently encountered, have been working on, or just want to discuss more with colleagues. We are open to all topics for being featured at an upcoming ScEI club meeting!

Who can participate?

Anyone who has an interest in health professions education research and scholarship! 

Upcoming Sessions Schedule

Note: all ScEI Club meetings occur on the first Thursday of the month in Fitzsimons E13140 @ 12pm - 1pm

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March 7, 2024 

Theory Corner: “Jobs to be done” by Dr. Matthew Rustici

Works in Progress: Design & Implementation of an Automated Patient-care Dashboard to Provide Individualized Patient-Care Data and Quality Metrics to Emergency Medicine Residents by Dr. Danielle Miller

Hot Topics: Art Museum based Education by Dr. Sarah Milla

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April 4, 2024

Theory Corner: TBD

Works in Progress: TBD

Hot Topics: TBD





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May 2, 2024

Join us for the Education & Innovation Symposium!







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