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Anna Jovanovich, MD MS is an Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Renal Diseases and Hypertension at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and the Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center. Since joining the University of Colorado Renal Division in 2014, Dr. Jovanovich conducts clinical and translational research as well as epidemiological studies focused on non-traditional cardiovascular risk factors in kidney disease. She also investigates sex differences and sex hormones in kidney disease.

People with kidney disease experience a high burden of cardiovascular disease, which may lead to hospitalizations, lower quality of life, and death. Kidney disease disrupts normal body processes, which contribute to cardiovascular disease and other adverse clinical outcomes. In an effort to employ interventions to reduce cardiovascular disease and improve quality of life among people with kidney disease, Dr. Jovanovich’s lab studies the effects of biomarkers related to mineral metabolism disorders and alterations in gut microbiome-derived bile acids and other metabolites on blood vessel function and cardiovascular disease outcomes. Additionally, Dr. Jovanovich’s lab is using epidemiologic and translational approaches to investigate how kidney disease affects sex hormone levels, blood vessel function, and cardiovascular disease outcomes in women and men with chronic kidney disease.




Anna Jovanovich, MD MS


Taylor Struemph, BS

Ester Oh, PhD

Ester Oh, PhD


Parisa Mortaji, MD


Michelle Pengshung, MD
Nina Bispham, MS
Matthew Ray, DO
Benjamin Griffin, MD

Joao Pedro Teixeira, MD
Sophia Ambruso, DO
Asad Shafiq, MD

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