Dr. David Albers Labdavid-albers

Dr. David Albers lab focuses on advancing biomedicine using:

-data assimilation of both clinician and patient collected data to forecast physiology and compute new phenotypes

-health care process modeling and analysis

-temporal-focused spectral analysis and information theoretic tools

-mechanistic physiologic models using clinical data

-discovering phenotypes using temporal information within clinical data

-visualizing patient health evolution in an intensive care setting

-deconvolving biases present in clinical data

-computational machinery based on variational inference to discover features that can be used to define phenotypes and other clinically actionable quantities

Current postdoctoral researchers:

myphotoDeepak Agrawal, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Project: Respiratory Mechanics in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome






Stroh,twocentsJ.N. Stroh, MS, PhD, Bioengineering Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Projects: Traumatic Brain Injury modeling, Insulin-response phenotyping

General Interests: Modeling and Data assimilation

Working with Dr. Albers since September 2019



Current graduate students:

Jennifer Briggs, Bioengineering PhD candidate, Research AssistantBriggsJennifer_Headshot4

B.S. Physics and Sports Medicine, Minor in Applied Mathematics, Pepperdine University

Research Projects: Traumatic Brain Injury and Neurocritical Care Modeling

General Interests: Physiological Inference and Data Assimilation

Working with Dr. Albers since 1/1/2021




Yanran Wang, PhD candidate, Research Assistant


Research Project: Data assimilation and MCMC in EHR data

Working with Dr. Albers since 9/1/2019







Primary external institutional collaborations: Columbia University, Caltech, Pennsylvania State University, University of Houston, Courant Institute NYU, Colorado School of Mines, NIDDK, University of Potsdam- Germany, Harvard University, Tromso University- Norway, University of Agder- Norway, University of Texas Austin, and the University of California Davis. ​​

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