Postdoctoral Training Program

The Section of Developmental Biology operates an integrated Postdoctoral Training Program in Developmental Biology and Regenerative Medicine. This program provides a mechanism for postdoctoral trainees to mature into successful independent researchers in Developmental Biology and Regenerative Medicine. Trainees are provided salary support in accordance with the NIH pay scale and the University of Colorado offers a full benefits package. The program also provides each trainee with a mentoring committee, funds to attend conferences/courses and networking opportunities in the form of interactions with visiting scientists, national/international collaborations, journal clubs, research interest groups and annual retreats. Interested trainees will also be given opportunities to teach and mentor students as well as to improve writing skills.

Interested candidates should contact a the host lab they are interested in joining. Please submit: 1) a statement explaining interest in the host lab (two-page maximum), 2) a CV and 3) arrange to have three reference letters sent. Each year, a small number of applicants will be appointed as Gates Fellows and have their stipends paid with support from the Gates Frontiers Fund.

General questions should be submitted by email to:
Dr. Charles Sagerström, Co-Director of the Postdoctoral Training Program,
Dr. Alexa Burger, Co-Director of the Postdoctoral Training Program,