Abbott Lab


We investigate and research novel genetic mutations in patients with severe immune problems. We perform experiments that determine how the mutations affect individual genes.


  1. Determine which genetic mutations cause human immune disease.
  2. Understand how genetic mutations identified in humans cause immune system problems.
  3. Utilize human immune-disease causing genetic mutations to understand new features of how the immune system works.
  4. Determine optimal, personalized ways of treating human immune diseases.


  1. Developing optimal treatment strategies for rare genetic diseases can dramatically decrease morbidity and increase life expectancy for patients that suffer from them.
  2. Understanding new features of immune system function carries potential for developing new treatments for a variety of diseases that involve the immune system.
  3. Understanding the impact of individual genetic variations improves prognosis and treatment decisions for individuals. 


CU Anschutz Medical Campus
Research 1 North
12800 E 19th Ave
Aurora, CO 80045

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