Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee Members

The Department of Pediatrics is committed to creating a diverse environment for faculty, fellows, residents, staff and students. 

A primary lever in this work is our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, which is comprised of representatives from faculty and staff across the Department of Pediatrics and supporting communities. This committee seeks to promote the recruitment, retention, professional excellence and the overall well-being of individuals and teams who reflect the diversity that is Pediatrics. Members of the committee are also entrusted with leadership in facilitating open and safe discourse within our academic and medical community that will help us grow the professional and cultural experience of the Department of Pediatrics.

For more information about our committee, please contact Brandi Freeman, MD, at brandi.freeman@childrenscolorado.org or Rhonda Buckner at rhonda.buckner@childrenscolorado.org​.

John Binder, MD
Shamaile Brame
Rochelle Cason-Wilkerson, MD
Renee Charlifue-Smith, MA, SLP
Uma Chathapuram
Claudia Barberio Kunrath, MD
Angela Czaja, MD
Curtis Ford, MD
Robert Franklin
Brandi Freeman, MD
Wesley Gallegos, PA
Melanie Gleason, PA-C
Sarah Hatfield
Yeng Her
David Keller, MD
Emily Kraus
Maureen Lenssen, CPNP
Andrea Loasby
Michele Loi, MD
Mishelle Macias
Mauricio Palau, MD
Marcela Mendenhall, MD
Rakesh Mistry, MD
Mimi Munroe
Jacqueline Newkirk
Chris Nyquist, MD
LeAnn Olonia
Selina Ostberg
Deepika Patel, PsyD
Marco Pinder, MD
Meg Rebull
Josh Rosenfeld
Kami Schneider, MS, CGC
Andrew Sirotnak, MD
Darcy Thompson, MD
Sarah Young, MD