We have many ways to preserve your human samples and get them ready to assay

At HIMSR, we can help facilitate your human immunology research. We offer specimen processing, cryopreservation, and short-term sample storage services for human research. We have developed and implemented standardized and optimized protocols for blood cell isolation, PBMC isolation, whole blood stimulation, tissue cell isolation, plasma/serum preparation, sectioning tissue blocks, and RNA/DNA isolation. 

Sample processing infographic


Blood cell isolation
We offer isolation of leukocytes from whole blood using ficoll-paque gradient separation, CPT tubes, Accuspin tubes, red blood cell lysis, or other protocol-specific isolation methods. Isolated cells can then be used in downstream assays, or frozen and stored for future analyses. Samples can be temporarily stored in our facility until completion of the study and/or experimental procedures.

Smart Tubes and Smart Tube Base Station
At HIMSR, we use the Start Tube technology to facilitate determining immune cell function. The Smart Tube system is fully automated to simplify whole blood processing and subsequent analysis while ensuring an unparalleled level of consistency and reproducibility. This system reduces variability in sample processing: our station can be programmed to match other Smart Tube base stations at other locations within a multi-center study. 

Plasma/Serum Preparation
We offer plasma and serum collection from blood tubes, division into appropriately sized aliquots for downstream assays, and temporary storage until completion of the study and/or experimental procedures.

RNA/DNA isolation
We will prepare RNA or DNA after any isolation procedure (e.g. PBMC isolation, cell sorting, etc.) and help coordinate downstream analysis.

LONG TERM STORAGE NEEDS – Currently not available

Please contact Angie Minic for a quote or help building a budget that includes HIMSR services in your grant applications. Log into iLabs for service fees.

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