HI3 Fun-Sized Human Immunology and Immunotherapy Workshop

A full portion of immunology in a 2.5-day, fun-sized workshop

Please complete the electronic registration form below for the Human Immunology and Immunotherapy Initiative (HI3) 2.5-day ‘FUN-SIZE’ immunology workshop. The workshop will start at 8:00am on all 3 days and end at 4:30pm on the first and second day and around 12:00 noon on the third and final day. 

Please make note that attendance during the entire 2.5 days is required. If you are unable to attend all 2.5 days of the workshop, please consider registering for the workshop at a later date when you are able to commit your attendance for the entire workshop. The class size is limited to 20 registrants. Registrants beyond the first 20 will be kept on a wait list. If there is enough interest, another run of the workshop will be scheduled and all those on the wait list will be notified. Thank you! 

Questions? Please contact Aimee.Bernard@cuanschutz.edu​
By completing this registration form I solemnly swear to attend the entire 2.5 days of the workshop