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Have you used HIMSR for fee-for-service projects? Please use this statement in the acknowledgement section to recognize the HIMSR facility:

We thank the Human Immune Monitoring Shared Resource (RRID:SCR_021985) within the University of Colorado Human Immunology and Immunotherapy Initiative and the University of Colorado Cancer Center (P30CA046934) for their expert assistance in analysis of ...

Publications useful in your Materials and Methods sections are below.

Publications that have acknowledged HIMSR:

  • Araya, P., K.A. Waugh, K.D. Sullivan, N.G. Nunez, E. Roselli, K.P. Smith, R.E. Granrath, A.L. Rachubinski, B. Enriquez Estrada, E.T. Butcher, R. Minter, K.D. Tuttle, T.C. Bruno, M. Maccioni, and J.M. Espinosa. 2019. Trisomy 21 dysregulates T cell lineages toward an autoimmunity-prone state associated with interferon hyperactivity. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 116:24231-24241 (MSD and cyTOF).

  • Coeshott, C., B. Vang, M. Jones, and B. Nankervis. 2019. Large-scale expansion and characterization of CD3(+) T-cells in the Quantum((R)) Cell Expansion System. J Transl Med 17:258 (Flow Cytometry, MSD, and in vitro assays).

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  • Greaves, S.A., J.N. Peterson, P. Strauch, R.M. Torres, and R. Pelanda. 2019. Active PI3K abrogates central tolerance in high-avidity autoreactive B cells. J Exp Med 216:1135-1153 (Flow Cytometry).

  • Powers, R.K., R. Culp-Hill, M.P. Ludwig, K.P. Smith, K.A. Waugh, R. Minter, K.D. Tuttle, H.C. Lewis, A.L. Rachubinski, R.E. Granrath, M. Carmona-Iragui, R.B. Wilkerson, D.E. Kahn, M. Joshi, A. Lleo, R. Blesa, J. Fortea, A. D'Alessandro, J.C. Costello, K.D. Sullivan, and J.M. Espinosa. 2019. Trisomy 21 activates the kynurenine pathway via increased dosage of interferon receptors. Nat Commun 10:4766 (MSD).

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  • Oweida, A., M.K. Hararah, A. Phan, D. Binder, S. Bhatia, S. Lennon, S. Bukkapatnam, B. Van Court, N. Uyanga, L. Darragh, H.M. Kim, D. Raben, A.C. Tan, L. Heasley, E. Clambey, R. Nemenoff, and S.D. Karam. 2018. Resistance to Radiotherapy and PD-L1 Blockade Is Mediated by TIM-3 Upregulation and Regulatory T-Cell Infiltration. Clin Cancer Res 24:5368-5380 (Vectra).


Publications with HIMSR authorship

HIMSR staff are recognized as authors on these publications for assay development and other significant contributions. These publications may be useful in your Materials and Methods sections (method used is at the end of each reference).

  • Borgers, J.S.W., R.P. Tobin, V.M. Vorwald, J.M. Smith, D.M. Davis, A.K. Kimball, E.T. Clambey, K.L. Couts, J.A. McWilliams, K.R. Jordan, R.J. Torphy, R. Schulick, M.D. McCarter. 2020. High Dimensional Analysis of Postsplenectomy Peripheral Immune Cell Changes. ImmunoHorizons 4: 82-92 (Mass cytometry).

  • Lang, J., A. Capasso, K.R. Jordan, J.D. French, A. Kar, S.M. Bagby, J. Barbee, B.W. Yacob, L.S. Head, K.D. Tompkins, B.M. Freed, H. Somerset, T.J. Clark, T.M. Pitts, W.A. Messersmith, S.G. Eckhardt, M.E. Wierman, S. Leong, and K. Kiseljak-Vassiliades. 2020. Development of an Adrenocortical Cancer Humanized Mouse Model to Characterize Anti-PD1 Effects on Tumor Microenvironment. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 105:1-17 (Vectra).

  • Capasso, A., J. Lang, T.M. Pitts, K.R. Jordan, C.H. Lieu, S.L. Davis, J.R. Diamond, S. Kopetz, J. Barbee, J. Peterson, B.M. Freed, B.W. Yacob, S.M. Bagby, W.A. Messersmith, J.E. Slansky, R. Pelanda, and S.G. Eckhardt. 2019. Characterization of immune responses to anti-PD-1 mono and combination immunotherapy in hematopoietic humanized mice implanted with tumor xenografts. J Immunother Cancer 7:37 (Vectra).

  • Lennon, S., A. Oweida, D. Milner, A.V. Phan, S. Bhatia, B. Van Court, L. Darragh, A.C. Mueller, D. Raben, J.L. Martinez-Torrecuadrada, T.M. Pitts, H. Somerset, K.R. Jordan, K.C. Hansen, J. Williams, W.A. Messersmith, R.D. Schulick, P. Owens, K.A. Goodman, and S.D. Karam. 2019. Pancreatic Tumor Microenvironment Modulation by EphB4-ephrinB2 Inhibition and Radiation Combination. Clin Cancer Res 25:3352-3365 (MSD).

  • Tobin, R.P., K.R. Jordan, P. Kapoor, E. Spongberg, D. Davis, V.M. Vorwald, K.L. Couts, D. Gao, D.E. Smith, J.S.W. Borgers, S. Robinson, C. Amato, R. Gonzalez, K.D. Lewis, W.A. Robinson, V.F. Borges, and M.D. McCarter. 2019. IL-6 and IL-8 Are Linked With Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cell Accumulation and Correlate With Poor Clinical Outcomes in Melanoma Patients. Front Oncol 9:1223 (MSD).

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  • Tobin, R.P., K.R. Jordan, W.A. Robinson, D. Davis, V.F. Borges, R. Gonzalez, K.D. Lewis, and M.D. McCarter. 2018. Targeting myeloid-derived suppressor cells using all-trans retinoic acid in melanoma patients treated with Ipilimumab. Int Immunopharmacol 63:282-291 (MSD).

  • Zhang, W., K.R. Jordan, B. Schulte, and E. Purev. 2018. Characterization of clinical grade CD19 chimeric antigen receptor T cells produced using automated CliniMACS Prodigy system. Drug Des Devel Ther 12:3343-3356 (Flow Cytometry).
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