Measure proteins and biomarkers in liquid samples

Are you interested in determining the concentration of cytokines, chemokines, or other biomarkers in your human samples? At HIMSR, we routinely perform immunoassays that use antibody pairs to measure soluble proteins in multiple types of fluid samples. Let us know if you are interested in help with these assays or developing others. Log into iLabs for service fees.

Immunoassays 1Multiplex Electrochemoluminescent Assays
We offer immunoassays on the MesoScale Discovery (MSD) platform, in which up to 10 different proteins can be measured from one 50 ul sample. MSD has 55 human analytes available on their “V-PLEX” format. These kits have pre-coated plates that are validated across lots, with limited lot-to-lot variability and an 8-point standard curve that are typically run in duplicates (16 wells total). MSD offers many other analytes on their “U-Plex” and “R-Plex” formats. All MSD plates are customizable to your analytes of interest. Since you only pay for the analytes you are ordering, you can select just those that reflect your scientific questions. 

At HIMSR, we will run any assay on the MSD platform: mouse, human, rat, non-human primate, you name it! Need reagents? We can work with you to obtain quotes from MSD and the plates and reagents can be shipped directly to HIMSR for immediate proper storage. We can directly bill your speedtype through Marketplace. Alternatively, you can order your own reagents and transfer them to our lab along with your samples.

Immunoassays 2Running your own MSD assays?
We have a calendar on our iLab page to sign up for time to read your own MSD plates on the SQ120. Our calendar is set up in 15 min increments and we typically read ~3 plates in a 15 minute window. To minimize time between reading and addition of read buffer, users are welcome to perform the final wash step and addition of read buffer in our laboratory. 



Immunoassays 3Single-plex ELISAs
We can purchase standard colorimetric ELISA kits from any company for single-analyte measurements in your samples. These kits typically require 100 ul – 200 ul of sample each and are read on our adjustable wavelength plate reader. 

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