The Academy of Medical Educators Rymer Innovation Awards

Application Process opens November 15, 2021

This year AME and the Rymer Family Endowment, in collaboration with our funders, is making a special edition call for Rymer Innovation Award projects focused on Integrated Science Courses. General proposals that do not address the Integrated Science Courses will also be considered. 

Integrated Science Courses are aimed to help advanced stage learners (EG: fourth year medical students) explore selected advanced basic medical science and clinical science concepts in an integrated fashion. Courses will be designed to reinforce and build (spiral) upon the foundational science concepts learned in earlier phases of the curriculum by combining advanced science classroom-type learning with authentic advanced clinical experiences. For example, a Cancer Biology Integrated Science Course might utilize modules and small group tutorials to explore how the science of cancer biology informs prevention, diagnosis, and treatment strategies, while students also spend half of their time working in a multi-disciplinary oncology clinic where they can see this science applied directly to patients.

Ultimately, the School of Medicine is hoping to develop and pilot a slate of Integrated Science Courses that can be used in our current and new Trek curriculum and the AME and the Rymer Family Endowment is looking to help support the development of these courses this year. General proposals that do not address the Integrated Science Courses will also be considered.

The Rymer Innovation Awards ($3,500 or less, although occasionally grants of up to $5,000 will be considered) support efforts to create, implement and evaluate innovative medical education programs and to develop scholarship in medical education. Rymer Innovation Award funds are provided through The Rymer Family Endowment, the Office of Faculty Affairs and the Academy of Medical Educators. Members of the School of Medicine, including the Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant and MD programs, are welcome to apply for Rymer Innovation Awards

Submit Your Proposals

All applications need to be submitted using the online application. Applications open on November 15th, 2021, and all proposals are due by Monday, January 10, 2022. 

Applicants may meet with Tai Lockspeiser, MD ( or send her your project ideas ahead of time to get help on developing a scholarly evaluation plan.

Those applications with a clear tie-in to existing curriculum, and/or buy-in from the curriculum leader (e.g. block director, clerkship block director, residency program, etc.) are more successful in receiving grants as they demonstrate the innovation or idea has commitment to its implementation and evaluation. 

The expectation is that Rymer Innovation Award recipients present at the Education Scholarship & Innovation