Facilitative Leadership

Facilitative Leadership is a 2-day course that offers program participants a transformational learning experience that expands their ability to lead sustainable change, generate greater engagement in an era of change fatigue, and bring out the best in individuals and teams while achieving outstanding results. 

The cost of the class is $399 per person for two 8-hour days of training. 

Course Overview

Facilitative Leadership is an advanced leadership development course that creates competence in seven core leadership domains.

  • Increasing engagement through a compelling vision;
  • Balancing and integrating work that improves processes, relationships, and attention to results;
  • Enhancing buy-in and accountability through greater team member participation in decision-making;
  • Designing clearer “pathways to action” that allow team members to help keep initiatives on track;
  • Rapid development of consensus;
  • Coaching to increase performance;
  • Validating and celebrating others' success.



Upcoming Sessions

The course takes place over two full consecutive days, from about 9am – 5pm, and will be held on the Anschutz Campus.

Spring Cohort: April 19 & 20, 2022 SOLD OUT

Fall Cohort: September 20 & 21, 2022 SOLD OUT

Winter Cohort: January 2023 dates to be announced soon

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