Welcome to the Methods Symposium 

Advanced Methods and Innovative Technologies for Evidence Sythesis


cochrane logoThe US Agency for Healthcare Research Quality has prioritized a crucial need to “develop innovative methods that address the opportunities and challenges of the current era of data abundance, and make systematic reviews both more efficient and salient.” As such, a grant was awarded to Dr. Tianjing Li to convene a Methods Symposium on “Innovative Methods Research to Increase the Utility of Systematic Reviews.” Dr. Li has met this challenge by bringing together some of the world’s top researchers to present the state of science and discuss the complexity, efficiency, and technology in evidence synthesis.

The aims of the March 2021symposium are to:

  • Lead transdisciplinary interactions and involve those with different professional backgrounds in advancing and disseminating research synthesis methods; 
  • Promote and advocate for the implementation of appropriate and robust methods of synthesis, including by those who are not methodological experts;
  • Foster collaboration and develop the next generation of methodologists.

Dr. Li would like to acknowledge Richard Davis, Sage Bonomo, and Tiffany Duque in providing support to the organization, management, implementation, and advocacy of this symposium.