Department of Ophthalmology

Bringing Sight to Life

Our vision is to provide state of the art eye care while making the new discoveries that hold the true promise for currently incurable eye diseases.  We live that vision every day.

More than 114,000 people come to the UCHealth Eye Centers each year to access our cutting-edge patient services. We are the only academic eye center in a 500-mile radius. We attract the best and brightest residents and fellows from across the globe.  Our research programs are bringing discoveries from the laboratory to our patients faster than ever before.

Every day, we are creating new hope for people with sight-threatening diseases, through:

Patient Services Our clinical care focuses on quality of life for each individual patient.  We are able to generate extraordinary customer satisfaction because we offer our patients choices.  We have the best technology and the best team.  

Basic and Applied Research We are finding cures for blindness by developing new pharmaceuticals and innovating better technologies for patient care.  We are creating entirely new possibilities for saving sight by advancing the understanding of eye disease at the molecular and genetic levels.

Education As residency and fellowship programs offered through the University of Colorado School of Medicine, we are committed to educating tomorrow’s ophthalmology leaders.  We are preparing outstanding clinicians, surgeons, researchers and technicians to ensure healthier eyes through the world.

Ophthalmology (SOM)

CU Anschutz

Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute

1675 North Aurora Court


Aurora, CO 80045

Administration: 720-848-2500 Appointments: 720-848-2020

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