Crnic Grand Challenge Grants Requirements 


PIs must hold the rank of Instructor, Research Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor, or higher at the University of Colorado. Adjunct, Clinical, and non-University of Colorado faculty may apply, but must name a co-PI with eligible rank.

PI(s) must have already submitted a grant proposal to NIH relevant to Down syndrome.

PI(s) must be planning to resubmit the referenced proposal to an INCLUDE Project RFA or NOSI by December 1, 2021.

Recipient Requirements

Grand Challenge Grant recipients are expected to become active members of the University of Colorado Down syndrome research community, known as the “Crnic Supergroup.” Recipient PIs must agree to:

  • attend monthly Crnic Supergroup Meetings, along with any lab members working on the project.
  • present research progress reports at 1-2 Crnic Supergroup Meetings per year. Qualified lab members may also present progress reports.
  • prepare a formal project presentation for a future Down Syndrome Research Symposium.
  • list the Crnic Institute as an academic affiliation (in addition to their home department) on all publications emanating from the work resulting from this grant.
  • use the funds solely to support the resubmission of the INCLUDE Project grant proposal described in their application.


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