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Are you someone with Down syndrome who is interested in participating in research? Learn more about studies that are currently recruiting participants here.

Research on tofacitinib to treat immune skin conditions in people with Down syndrome

The purpose of this research is to determine whether tofacitinib is a safe and effective treatment for immune skin conditions in people with Down syndrome, and to further our understanding of the immune system in Down syndrome.

Adolescents and adults with Down syndrome between the age of 12 and 50 years may be eligible to participate if they have an active immune skin condition. For example: eczema or atopic dermatitis, alopecia areata, hidradenitis suppurativa, psoriasis, or vitiligo.

Compensation is provided and travel funds are available if needed.

PI: Joaquin Espinosa. COMIRB #19-1362. NCT04246372.

Image of Tofacitanib Clinical Trial flyer

You can also call us at 303-724-0491.

Want more information? Check out our Immune Skin Conditions Clinical Trial research page to learn more about the science behind this study.

Research to develop the Human Trisome Project Biobank

The purpose of this study is to provide qualified and approved researchers with access to biological samples and health information to answer specific research questions. This project will significantly increase the speed of Down syndrome research and the understanding of associated medical conditions such as leukemia and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Who can participate? Anyone 6 months to 89 years old who: (1) has Down syndrome, or (2) has a family member with Down syndrome, or (3) does not have Down syndrome.

PI: Joaquin Espinosa. COMIRB# 15-2170. NCT02864108.

You can also call us at 303-724-0491.

Want more information? Check out our website to learn more about the science enabled by the Biobank.

Human Trisome Project Biobank Flyer

Down Syndrome & Alzheimer's Disease Study

The University of Colorado Alzheimer's and Cognition Center is focused on understanding the aging process and has significant expertise in the relationship between Alzheimer's disease and Dow syndrome

If someone you know has Down syndrome and is 30 years or older:

He or she may be eligible to participate in a research study designed to enhance our understanding of the causes of Alzheimer's disease and other diseases that cause memory and thinking problems and to potentially uncover new approaches to treating these disease.

This study will involve one visit per year to the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, CO.

During each research visit, the participant will:

  • Receive a physical/neurological exam
  • Answer questions about their health history.
  • Have medical records reviewed.
  • Have a study partner (family member, caregiver, or close friend) help complete questionnaires.
  • Provide a blood sample.


PI: Brianne Bettcher, PhD COMIRB#: 15-1774 


Recruitment flyer for Alzheimer's Disease and Down Syndrome Study