Crnic Grand Challenge Grant Application Information

Key Dates

Application Submission Due: November 1, 2021.

Decisions Communicated to Applicants: December 1, 2021.

Funding of Successful Applicants Begins: January 1, 2022.

Application Instructions

Applications are due at 11:59 PM MST on November 1, 2021.

Application Components should be submitted as PDF documents and include:

  • Specific Aims and Research Strategy (compiled as one PDF). Provide a copy of the original Specific Aims (one page) and Research Strategy and Bibliography submitted to the NIH.
  • Summary Statement. Provide a copy of the Summary Statement written by the scientific review group and provided by an NIH Program Officer.
  • Introduction to Application (one page). The Introduction to Application should respond to the issues and criticism raised in the Summary Statement and summarize substantial additions, deletions, and changes that will be made to the application in preparation for resubmission. The Introduction to Application should be formatted following all NIH guidelines, which can be found online at:
  • Biosketch(s) for the PI(s) (compiled as one PDF for multiple PIs). The Biosketch should be formatted following all NIH guidelines, which can be found online at:

The Crnic Institute will keep all Application Components strictly confidential.

Application Components must be submitted online using the "Apply Now" links on this webpage.


Please contact

Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome

CU Anschutz

Research Complex II

12700 East 19th Avenue

Room 4014

Aurora, CO 80045


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