Just Being Kids

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​Just Being Kids illustrates how supports and services for infants and toddlers with special needs can be provided in the context of families' everyday routines, activities, and places (also known as "natural environments"). Each of the six stories on this 50 minute video demonstrates recommended practices as therapists and early childhood specialists work collaboratively with families to achieve meaningful goals for their children in everyday routines and activities. 

Just Being Kids was developed for use in both pre-service and in-service training programs with therapists, early childhood specialists, and service coordinators. The video is also useful for showing families examples of this approach to early intervention supports and services.

The 55-page companion Just Being Kids Facilitators Guide offers trainers, educators, and team leaders background information on the stories along with handouts, an extensive bibliography, and suggestions for leading discussion groups and other training activities to enhance participants' learning. Produced by Early Childhood Connections of the Colorado Department of Education, and JFK Partners, University of Colorado School of Medicine.


Blake's Story (Runtime: 7:15)

This vignette illustrates how an occupational therapist worked with the family to make shopping trips easier and help actively engage two and a half-year-old Blake in the rich learning opportunities found in the grocery store.


Evan's Story (Runtime: 10:00)

This vignette illustrates how a speech-language pathologist worked with 18-month-old Evan's family at home and with the teacher at a child care center to work on feeding and communication goals.


Jacob's Story (Runtime: 5:00)

This vignette illustrates how a physical therapist worked with the family to help two and a half-year-old Jacob and his younger brother have fun at the playground.


Janella's Story (Runtime: 11:20)

This vignette illustrates how a child development specialist worked with members of a transdisciplinary early intervention team and the family to help 27-month-old Janelle make her choices known and participate in play and family routines.


Jenni's Story (Runtime: 8:00)

This vignette illustrates how a physical therapist worked with the entire family to address the family's goal that two and a half year old Jenni walks independently.


Nolan's Story (Runtime: 6:10)

This vignette illustrates how a physical therapist worked with the family using low-tech adaptations and household items to make bath time a fun, social, and enriching experience for almost three-year-old Nolan and his entire family.

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