Annual Autism Spectrum Disorder Conference

JFK Partners established the Annual Autism Spectrum Disorder Conference in 2013 as a way to bring our community together to share in learning and networking about leading issues related to children, adolescents, and adults with autism. The topics and speakers we have hosted include:

Oct 1, 2021Shining a Light on Mental Health in Autism Spectrum Disorder Across the LifespanJudy Reaven, PhD, Audrey Blakeley-Smith, PhD, Brenna Maddox, PhD, and Lisa Morgan, MEd, CAS
Oct 9, 2020Beyond Childhood: Navigating Relationships and Mental Health Care in Autism Spectrum DisorderLindsey DeVries, PhD, Caitlin Middleton, PhD, and Brenna Maddox, PhD
Oct 4, 2019Making it Happen! Provider-Parent Partnership for Successful Interventions in Schools and CommunityAubyn Stahmer, PhD and Amber Fitzgerald, MA, BCBA
Oct 12, 2018Breaking Barriers: Cultural and Socioeconomic Considerations in Working with Diverse and Underserved ASD/IDD CommunitiesMaria Meredes Avila, PhD and Matt Tincani, PhD, BCBA-D
Oct 6, 2017Key Transitions for Individuals with ASD: Promoting Positive OutcomesTamara Dawkins, PhD and Glenna Osborne, MEd
Oct 14, 2016Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Individuals with ASD Jonathan Weiss, PhD
Oct 5, 2015Unstuck and On Target: Improving Executive Function, On-Task and Flexible BehaviorLauren Kenworthy, PhD and Laura Anthony, PhD
Oct 10, 2014Effective Interventions for Behavioral and Social ChallengesJed Baker, PhD
Oct 4, 2013Supporting Youth with ASD as they Transition from Adolescence to AdulthoodPeter F. Gerhardt, EdD


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