Discovery tool to identify immune cells in the microenvironment of your tissue samples

Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging


The Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging technology is open for business at the HIMSR! The MIBI (a.k.a. Ada Lovelace) uses rare-earth metals and mass-spec for visualization, and can simultaneously distinguish over 40 markers (depends on number of metals) with high sensitivity (up to 5 log dynamic range depending on antibody) and high resolution (see below). Get the most from your FFPE tissue microarrays using this unique discovery tool! We currently have a 27-marker panel, but are happy to discuss customization.





MIBItracker software

We use MIBItracker software to visualize the tissues. See the instrument’s specs to the left, these publications, and a recent tumor immunology presentation from HIMSR for more details.







Photo of Dr. Christian Rickert



Meet Dr. Christian Rickert for your MIBI-related analytical needs. Christian’s training (in Biology and Physics, his successful postdoctoral experience analyzing the design and implementation of real-time dynamic clamp experiments, and his interests in information technologies, embedded systems, and predictive analytics) brought him to HIMSR. As a Research Associate, Christian operates the MIBI and analyzes the output.




If you’re interested in analyzing your samples with the MIBI technology contact Kim Jordan for additional experimental information and budget information.

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