Teaching Hospitals

University of Colorado Hospital

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The University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) is the region's leading specialty care and referral center with 409 beds and performing over 13,400 surgical procedures per year, with approximately 5800 inpatient and 7600 outpatient procedures. It is located at the state-of-the-art Anschutz Centers for Advanced Medicine. The Outpatient and Cancer Pavilions focus on primary and specialized outpatient care. The inpatient facility offers cutting edge medical care in all specialties.

Rotations for general surgery residents at University Hospital are in general, vascular, cardiothoracic, plastic and reconstructive, burn, transplant, and trauma/acute care surgery, as well as surgical intensive care and urologic surgery.

CU Hospital

Denver Health Medical Center

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Denver Health Medical Center is a 360-bed acute care hospital with a Level 1 Trauma Center providing the 911 emergency medical system for the City and County of Denver, as well as a network of neighborhood clinics for the medically indigent. As a Level 1 Trauma Center in collaboration with the University of Colorado Hospital, Denver Health serves as the Rocky Mountain Region Trauma Center for Colorado and the surrounding regions. Denver Health offers major teaching and academic opportunities in the areas of trauma management, surgical critical care, and treatment of common emergent surgical problems.

Approximately 7,900 operations are performed annually by members of the Department of Surgery, consisting of approximately 4600 inpatient procedures and 3300 outpatient procedures; 3,500 patients are admitted for trauma.

Rotations for general surgery residents are offered in general and plastic surgery, emergency medicine, neurosurgery, urology and orthopedic surgery.

Denver Health Hospital

Rocky Mountain Veterans Administration Medical Center

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The surgical service of the Denver Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC) includes sections of general surgery, surgical oncology, vascular, cardiothoracic, urology, neurosurgery, otolaryngology, plastic surgery, opthalmology, orthopedics, podiatry, obstetrics/gynecology and hand surgery.


The hospital facility has 135 operating beds and performs around 4,500 operations annually. The facility is designated as a level 1A (or the highest level of surgical complexity within the VA healthcare system) medical center.

Veterans Admin Hospital

Children's Hospital Colorado

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Founded in 1908, The Children’s Hospital is a 284-bed facility serving a 13-state region, and is the only resource in a six-state region with the comprehensive array of specialized services very sick children need. Pediatric surgical services housed at Children's include cardiothoracic surgery, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, orthopedic surgery, otolaryngology, plastic surgery, pediatric surgery, urology, transplant surgery, burn surgery, and trauma. The hospital averages 10,000 inpatient admissions and nearly 14,900 surgical procedures per year, comprised of over 4100 inpatient and almost 10,700 outpatient procedures. The Children's Hospital is designated as a Level I Pediatric Trauma Center.

Children's Hospital

Memorial Hospital

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Starting in 2016-17, Surgery Residents from University of Colorado rotate through Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs. This 564-bed hospital with a wide variety of clinical experience, performs over 6,600 inpatient surgical procedures and has over 136,000 emergency room visits per year. Residents are given the opportunity to participate in high-volume standard surgical procedures and are given exposure to robotic surgery.

Memorial Hospital