2019 Summer Interns


Alexander Applegate

Mentor: Suja Jagannathan

Project: Extracting RNA Binding Proteins' Footprints to Understand NMD


Megan Bandeira

Mentor: Max Boeck

Project: The Effects of hda-1 Knockdown on RNA Transcripts During C. elegans Development


Matthew Carr

Mentor: Tania Reis

Project: Genetic Screen for Obesity-Causing RBPs in Drosophila


Carolyn Egekeze

Mentor: Beth Tamburini

Project: Evaluating DUSP1 mRNA in Cancer Cells to Determine the Influence of PD-L1 and STAT3

2019_Erickson-van Dyk

Rachel Erickson

Mentor: Linda van Dyk

Project: Gammaherpesvirus Non-Coding RNA iInteractions with Host RNA Binding Proteins and the Effect on Host Immune Response


Nia Hammond

Mentor: Jennifer Richer

Project: Evaluating the Role of miR-200c on NPC1 in Triple Negative Breast Cancer


Will Herbst

Mentor: Neel Mukhergee

Project: mRNA Targeting Dynamics of ZFP36L2 during Human Steroidogenesis


Alex Hofler

Mentor: David Bentley

Project: The Effect of Transcription Speed on Splicing and Intron Retention

Ari Levine

Mentor: Aaron Johnson

Project: Construction of a Cas-RX Fusion Protein to Target YTHDC1 to RNA Molecules​


Cassie Minne

Mentor: Traci Lyons

Project: Characterizing Semaphorin 7a Expression in Breast Cancer Cells


Charlotte Moffatt

Mentor: Lori Sussel

Project: The Role of 6330403K07Rik in Glucose Homeostasis


Disa Sullivan

Mentor: Tom Evans

Project: Spatiotemporal Expression Patterns of Novel ncRNAs in C. elegans


Pedro Tirado Velez

Mentor: Matt Taliaferro

Project: Terminal Deoxynucleotidyl Transferase Mediated Attachment of Modified Nucleotides to Unlabeled smFISH Probes


Samantha Tisa

Mentor: Oliva Rissland

Project: Codon Optimality in Gene Expression


Abby Trouth

Mentor: Aaron Johnson

Project: Development of an In Vitro Chromatin Model for the Investigation of PIWIL4 Function

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