Evenings with RNA

The objective of Evenings with RNA is to foster a collaborative environment for students, post-docs and faculty to share their research with the ever-expanding RNA community of Colorado. Hosted by the Colorado RNA Club in collaboration with the RNA Bioscience Initiative at CU Anschutz, this event takes place at 3pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, September through May; event location varies.


Shelby Lennon (CU Boulder)

Roberto Castro-Gutierrez  (CU Anschutz)

Due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns, all Evenings with RNA events are currently being hosted in-person, but with a Zoom option.

Evenings with RNA- November 16, 2021


September 21, 2021Ted EwachiwBradley OlwinCU BoulderTBD
Huy VoBrian MunskyColorado State UniversityMaximizing information in single-cell experiments under measurement uncertainties
Ning ZhaoTim StasevichColorado State UniversityImaging the life cycle of proteins in situ in real time
October 19, 2021Steve BonillaJeff KieftCU AnschutzA viral RNA uses conformational changes of a dynamic tRNA-like structure to hijack cellular machinery
Meghan LybeckerMeghan LybeckerUCCSc-di-GMP regulates the activity of an RNA chaperone in the Lyme disease spirochete
Kathryn WaltersNeelanjan MukherjeeCU AnschutzMSI2 potentiates the AngII-stimulation response and human steroidogenesis
November 16, 2021Cormac LucasTem MorrisonCU AnschutzLymph node interactions with chikungunya virus
James BurkeRoy ParkerCU BoulderCytoplasmic RNA decay regulates nuclear host/viral mRNA biogenesis during pathogenic viral infections
Samuel HunterRobin DowellCU BoulderRNA and aneuploidy: How trisomy 21 affects RNA dosage
December 21, 2021Tai MontgomeryTai MontgomeryColorado State UniversityTBD
Michael Cortazar OsorioSujatha JagannathanCU AnschutzTBD
Frank LeeScott AlperNational Jewish HealthTBD
January 18, 2022John RinnJohn RinnCU BoulderTBD
Joe GiovinazzoRui ZhaoCU AnschutzTBD
Hossein ShenasaDavid BentleyCU AnschutzTBD
February 15, 2022Raeann GoeringMatthew TaliaferroCU AnschutzTBD
Nick LammerDeborah WuttkeCU BoulderTBD
Ashley KnoxLinda van DykCU AnschutzTBD
March 15, 2022Jiarui SongTom CechCU BoulderTBD
Robert WilliamsErin NishimuraColorado State UniversityTBD
Industry Talk 1IndustryIndustryTBD
April 19, 2022Industry Talk 2IndustryIndustryTBD
Michael SmalleganJohn RinnCU BoulderTBD
Wayne HemphillTom CechCU BoulderTBD
May 17, 2022Neelanjan MukherjeeNeelanjan MukherjeeCU AnschutzTBD
Giulia CorbetRoy ParkerCU BoulderTBD
Luis AguileraBrian MunskyColorado State UniversityTBD
September 15, 2020Tim-Michael DeckerDylan TaatjesCU BoulderTargeted degradation of transcription elongation factor SPT5 using the dTAG system
Kelsey NassarAik-Choon TanCU AnschutzTranscriptomic analysis of mutant SF3B1 and its effects on mucosal melanoma oncogenesis
O'Neil WigganNeil WigganColorado State UniversityReal-time imaging of transcription and translation from an endogenous gene
October 20, 2020Frank LeeScott AlperNational Jewish HealthRegulating MyD88 alternative splicing in mouse macrophages
Megan CernyAmanda CharlesworthCU DenverDifferential expression of Oct paralogs during early development of Xenopus laevis
Conner LangebergJeffrey KieftCU AnschutzA conserved class of hystidylatable viral tRNA mimics
November 17, 2020Gongyi ZhangGongyi ZhangNational Jewish HealthRNA Polymerase II pausing regulation in higher eukaryotes
Traci LyonsTraci LyonsCU AnschutzInsights into pregnancy-related breast cancer through RNA analysis
Charlotte CialekTim StasevichCSUVisualizing dynamic tethering of Argonaute to single mRNA in live human cells
December 15, 2020Matthew TaylorMatthew TaylorCU AnschutzReading the tea leaves of the human cardiovascular transcriptome
Parker NicholsBeat VogeliCU AnschutzA-Z junction formation in Alu RNAs: A role for the Z-RNA binding domain of ADAR1
Robert BateyRobert BateyCU BoulderRiboswitches: Finding the hidden messages in the message
January 19, 2021Evan LesterRoy ParkerCU BoulderTau aggregates are RNA-protein assemblies that mislocalize multiple nuclear speckle components
Eugenia OlesnickyEugenia Olesnicky KillianUCCSTissue specific roles for the splicing factor Caper in aging and development
Rytis PrekerisRytis PrekerisCU AnschutzThe role of mid-body assocoated RNA in regulating cell proliferation and differentiation
February 16, 2021Ankita AroraMatthew TaliaferroCU AnschutzIdentifying RNA localization targets of TDP-43 using functional genomics
Sujatha JagannathanSujatha JagannathanCU AnschutzWhen cells' garbage disposal fails: Compromised RNA quality control in the human muscle disease FSHD
Jennyfer M MitchellJennyfer M MitchellCU Anschutzalx3 is a key player during early patterning of neurocranial elements in zebrafish
March 16, 2021Christian MuchJohn RinnCU BoulderSpatiotemporal dynamics of gene regulation by the lncRNA Firre
Olve PeersenOlve PeersenCSUCo-folding and membrane binding of poliovirus P3 polyprotein precursors
David BentleyDavid BentleyCU AnschutzTranscription speed: why it matters and how to control it
April 20, 2021Alicia CutlerBrad OlwinCU BoulderThere and back again a stem cell self-renewal tale
Raeann GoeringMatthew TaliaferroCU AnschutzMechanisms of RNA localization that transcend cell morphology
Richard DavisRichard DavisCU AnschutzArgonautes, small RNAs and programmed DNA elimination: A journey and saga
May 18, 2021Jeff MayfieldAmanda CharlesworthCU DenverTBD
Rachel JonesJeffrey KieftCU AnschutzRepeating history: New sequences and tertiary interactions create the same important 3-D features in divergent flavivrus xrRNAs
Hossein ShenasaDavid BentleyCU AnschutzMolecular insights into splice site selection
Date Presenters Lab Institution Title
September 17, 2019 Roman Iwasaki Robert Batey CU Boulder A Cas13-based assay rapidly quantifies transcription and enables biosensing of small molecules
Craig Forester Craig Forester CU Anschutz Dissecting specific translational activation in early hematopoiesis
Christopher Phiel Christopher Phiel CU Denver Stem cell pluripotency, metabolism, and m6A
Michael Cortázar Sujatha Jagannathan CU Anschutz Transcription elongation and termination: the sitting-duck torpedo model
October 15, 2019 Tom Santangelo   Colorado State University Abundant and diverse RNA modifications supporting thermophily in the Archaea
Rui Zhao Rui Zhao CU Anschutz Cryo-EM structure of spliceosomal E complex and biochemical analyses reveal a unified mechanism for intron definition, exon definition, and back-splicing
Yicheng Long Tom Cech CU Boulder RNA-protein interactions regulate epigenetic silencing
Stephanie Moon Roy Parker CU Boulder Coupling of translational quality control and mRNA targeting to stress granules
November 19, 2019 Esther Braselmann Esther Braselmann CU Boulder Illuminating RNA dynamics in mammalian cells with the Riboglow platform
Devin Tauber Roy Parker CU Boulder Modulation of RNA condensation by the DEAD-box protein eIF4A
Olivia Rissland Olivia Rissland CU Anschutz Connections between translation and mRNA decay
Allison Swain Aaron Johnson CU Anschutz m6A RNA modifications regulate lncRNA HOTAIR in breast cancer
December 10, 2019 John Rohloff Industry Somalogic Chemically-modified DNA aptamers
Brenna Dennison Katherine Fantauzzo CU Anschutz Srsf3-mediated alternative RNA splicing downstream of PDGFRα signaling in the palatal mesenchyme
Yuanyuan Xie Edward Chuong CU Boulder Harnessing transposon-derived dsRNA to kill cancer cells
Cecilia Levandowski Dylan Taatjes CU Boulder How does ∆40p53 alter p53 function?
January 21, 2020 Joseph Cardiello R Dowell & MA Allen CU Boulder Investigating the effects of Down syndrome on the induction of heat shock responsive gene mRNAs across a cellular population
Siddharth Shukla Roy Parker CU Boulder
Claire Gillette Tania Reis CU Anschutz RNA-binding proteins and fat storage homeostasis: a tale of fat flies
James Till Andres Vazquez-Torres CU Anschutz Linking nitrosative stress-induced metabolic adaptations to aminoglycoside tolerance
April 28, 2020 Danielle Bilodeau Olivia Rissland CU Anschutz Using long-read sequencing to validate RNA cleavage events in Giardia lamblia
Tom Evans Tom Evans CU Anschutz Genetic surprises: novel Sm family ncRNAs control developmental recovery from starvation in C. elegans
July 21, 2020 Otto Kletzien Robert Batey CU Boulder hnRNPU RGG is part of a larger RNA-binding domain
Kevin Hemphill Industry Horizon Discovery Chemical synthesis of long RNA for CRISPR mediated gene activation (CRISPRa)


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