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Colorado RNA Club

The objective of the Colorado RNA Club is to bring together RNA researchers from across the state to share their research, facilitate new collaborations, and create a robust, connected, RNA-focused community. In addition to the ever popular “Evenings with RNA” co-hosted by the RNA Bioscience Initiative, the Colorado RNA Club has recently expanded its events to include an Undergrad Day and an Industry Workshop for graduate students and post-docs.

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The Colorado RNA Club began in 1986 following the recruitment of Dr. Olke Uhlenbeck to CU Boulder. Originally a “supergroup” meeting of the Cech, Gold, Yarus and Uhlenbeck labs, the “club” expanded over the years as more and more groups in Colorado began to work on RNA. Today, the Colorado RNA Club includes RNA researchers from all four University of Colorado campuses, Colorado State University, Metropolitan State University, and the University of Denver.


Evenings with RNA

Hosted by the Colorado RNA Club in collaboration with the RNA Bioscience Initiative at CU Anschutz. Join us monthly to learn about RNA, eat pizza, and expand your professional network!
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CRC Undergrad Day

Please join us each autumn for this annual event designed to promote understanding about the graduate school admission process in Colorado. Undergraduate students meet with doctoral students and admissions committee members from graduate schools across our state to learn about various opportunities for advanced study, the types of research being conducted in Colorado, and details regarding application to these programs.
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CRC Industry Workshop

This annual single-day event allows graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to engage with industry representatives to learn about local and national companies, the types of work they do, and how to navigate industry as a career path.
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Club Leadership


Biochemistry & Molecular Biology — CSU


Biochemistry & Chemistry — MSU Denver


Biochemistry — CU Boulder


Graduate Students


CU Anschutz

Matthew Taliaferro, PhDFacultyBiochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Ankita AroraPostdocBiochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Amy Campbell PostdocBiochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Daniel Eiler   PostdocBiochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Krysta Engel  PostdocBiochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Marisa RuehlePostdocBiochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Divya KolakadaStudentBiochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Giovana Breda VeroneziStudentBiochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Laura Baquero GalvisPRABiochemistry and Molecular Genetics

CU Boulder

Erin RichardsStudentBiochemistry
Soraya ShehataStudentBiochemistry

Colorado State University (CSU)

Charlotte CialekStudentBiochemistry and Molecular Biology
Amanda KochStudentBiochemistry and Molecular Biology
Kristin ScottStudentBiochemistry and Molecular Biology
Robert WilliamsStudentBiochemistry and Molecular Biology


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