Regulatory RNAs

The Regulatory RNA Group within the RNA Bioscience Initiative investigates the foundational molecular mechanisms that regulate the diverse and essential roles of RNA in biology.

Members of the group seek to understand how different RNAs exert control over an ever-expanding number of cellular activities—from translation to chromatin modification to genome editing. Studies encompass how RNA is made, maintained, localized and ultimately degraded in the cell, how RNA interacts with other cellular molecules, the structure of RNA and its ability to drive function, and many others. Using approaches as diverse as molecular biology, bioinformatics, structural biology, cell biology, virology, biochemistry, and biophysics, we work toward a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms by which non-coding RNA operate to control biology, with the long-term goal of translating this understanding into the clinic to benefit human health.

Dr. Jeffrey Kieft in his lab

Faculty Participants

Bruce Appel, PhDbruce.appel@cuanschutz.eduRegulation of RNA trafficking and translation to produce myelin membrane
David Barton, PhDdavid.barton@cuanschutz.eduEnterovirus RNA replication
David Bentley, coordination of transcription with chromatin modification, splicing, and mRNA 3' end formation
Howard Davidson, PhDhoward.davidson@cuanschutz.eduAlternative splicing in single human T cells 
Patricia Ernst, PhDpatricia.ernst@cuanschutz.eduTranscriptional networks that regulate hematopoietic development
Thomas Evans, PhDtom.evans@cuanschutz.eduRNA control of embryonic polarity
Megan Filbin, PhDmfilbin1@msudenver.eduMolecular mechanisms of translation regulation during neuronal chemotropism
Jay Hesselberth, PhDjay.hesselberth@cuanschutz.eduRNA damage and repair
Joan Hooper, PhDjoan.hooper@cuanschutz.eduAlternative splicing program for craniofacial development
Aaron Johnson, PhDaaron.m.johnson@cuanschutz.eduMechanisms of chromatin-mediated gene silencing
Peter Kabos, MDpeter.kabos@cuanschutz.eduGenome-wide mapping of RNA binding proteins; validation of predicted targets of microRNA
T. Rajendra Kumar, PhDraj.kumar@cuanschutz.eduMechanisms of pituitary gonadotropin subunit gene expression and post-transcriptional regulation
Hong Li, splicing during craniofacial development
Christian Mosimann, PhDchristian.mosimann@cuanschutz.eduThe role of transcription factors in cell fate determination of lateral plate mesoderm (LPM)
Kathryn Mouzakis, PhDkathryn.mouzakis@lmu.eduRibosome stalling as a function of RNA structure
Neelanjan Mukherjee, PhDneelnajan.mukherjee@cuanschutz.eduThe dynamics of RNA regulatory networks
Christopher Phiel,

Understanding how signaling pathways regulate mRNA methylation (m6A) in mouse embryonic stem cells

Eric Pietras, PhDeric.pietras@cuanschutz.eduSplicing regulation in hematopoietic stem cell development
J. David Port, PhDdavid.port@cuanschutz.eduPost-transcriptional regulation of β-Adrenergic receptor- mRNA stability as a function of 3'UTR AREs
Rytis Prekeris, PhDrytis.prekeris@ucdenver.eduMolecular mechanisms regulating cell polarization and protein targeting; Identification of midbody-associated RNA
Olivia Rissland, PhDolivia.rissland@gmail.comTranslation and mRNA decay
Stephen Santoro, PhDstephen.santoro@cuanschutz.eduMolecular mechanisms that guide odorant receptor identities of newly generated olfactory sensory neurons 
Lori Sussel, PhDlori.sussel@cuanschutz.eduMapping of transcriptional networks that regulate development, differentiation, and function of the pancreas
Matthew Taliaferro, PhDmatthew.taliaferro@cuanschutz.eduSubcellular mRNA trafficking and localization
Linda van Dyk, PhDlinda.vandyk@cuanschutz.eduDefinition of viral miRNAs that fine-tune chronic infection and dormancy
Quentin Vicens, PhDquentin.vicens@cuanschutz.eduInvestigation of structure-function relationships to explain the regulatory roles of coding and non-coding RNAs
Beat Vogeli, PhDbeat.vogeli@cuanschutz.eduNMR spectroscopy for the elucidation of  dynamic 3-D architecture of non-coding RNA , and allostery in protein-RNA interactions
Gongyi Zhang, PhDzhangg@njhealth.orgRegulation of RNA polymerase II promoter proximal pausing
Rui Zhao, PhDrui.zhao@cuanschutz.eduMolecular mechanism of pre-mRNA splicing; drug design targeting transcriptional complex in breast cancer
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