2018 Summer Interns


Jenny Yoo

Mentor: Dr. David Bentley

Project: Purification of Enzymatically Active T4 RNA Ligase 2

Loran Stearns

Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Kieft

Project: Biochemical and Structural Characterization of a Kink-Turn Variant

Alice Landfair Mueller

(pictured with Grad Student Ashley Knox)

Mentor: Dr. Linda van Dyk (not pictured)

Project: Transcription of host and viral RNA Pol III promoters during murine gammaherpesvirus 68 infection

Alisandro Fernandez Leger

Mentor: Dr. Peter Kabos

Project: ​PRELID1 Changes in Mitochrondrial Morphology and Metabolism in Drug Resistant Breast Cancer Cells

Sabrina Hafeez

(pictured with Grad Student Katie O'Neill)

Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Richer (not pictured)

Project: Modulation of Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition by miR-200c Impacts Heme Catabolism in Breast Cancer

Maddie Chrupcala

Mentor: Dr. Aaron Johnson

Project: ​The HOTAIR-YTHDC1 Interaction in Breast Cancer

Chloe Barrington-Ham

Mentor: Dr. Aaron Johnson

Project: Determining if lncRNA-mRNA Matchmaking Relieves PRC2 Inhibition

Mac Millard

Mentor: Dr. Tom Evans

Project: Determining the functions of novel noncodings RNAs in embryogenesis in C. elegans

Jade Ponder

Mentor: Dr. Olivia Rissland

Project: ​Investigating the link between translation elongation speed and mRNA decay

Will Herbst

Mentor: Dr. Neel Mukherjee

Project: The role of AKAP1 in regulating human steroidogenesis

Kate Matlin

Mentor: Dr. Suja Jagannathan

Project: Underdstanding cell-to-cell heterogeneity of NMD efficiency

Arely Diaz

Mentor: Dr. Neel Mukherjee

Project: The role of AROID, a long non-coding RNA, in melanoma

Charlotte Moffatt

Mentor: Dr. Lori Sussel

Project: A LNC-rna to Type 2 Diabetes

(also pictured: Postdoc Laura Hudish)

Ana Fairbanks Mahnke

Mentor: Dr. Tom Anchordoquy

Project: ​Hijacking the exosome pathway

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