Welcome to the Karam Lab

The Karam Lab is focused on the tumor immune and vascular microenvironment and how it influences cancer cell growth—especially resistance to therapy. Ongoing projects include:

  •  Regulatory T cell (Treg) signaling, trafficking, and reprogramming
  •  Mechanisms of NK cell-dendritic interaction and inactivation by RT
  •  Induction and effect of systemic immunity and memory
  •  Mechanisms of neuroimmunology of cancer and elucidating the immunological effects of surgical treatment
  •  Modulation of endothelial cell trafficking of immune cells and antigen presentation by RT
  •  Effect of RT-induced fibrosis on tumor immune response and metastasis
  •  Mechanisms of tumor angiogenesis, lymphangiogenesis, and cancer cell death by Eph-ephrin signaling
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