Program Leadership  

The program is overseen by the Program Director, Program Coordinator, and Physics Residency Program Education Committee.  The committee consists of physicist, a physician, and dosimetrist representatives.  The committee meets twice a year to discuss major changes to the program.

Program Director - Leah Schubert, PhD, DABRSchubert 2020

Hometown:  Anchorage, AK
Undergraduate:  University of California, San Diego
Graduate:  University of Wisconsin – Madison, Madison, WI 

Dr. Schubert is the Director of the Medical Physics Residency Program, having been involved in the program since its inception and has successfully led it through accreditation since.  Dr. Schubert joined the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in 2012.  She received her PhD in Medical Physics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 2009, where her research was focused on image guided radiotherapy.  Following graduation, she joined the faculty at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, where she was involved in treatment planning systems, external beam, brachytherapy, and teaching in the medical physics residency program and the radiation therapist training program.  At the University of Colorado, Dr. Schubert’s clinical responsibilities include external beam physics coverage, Tomotherapy Hi-Art II machine and planning coverage, HDR brachytherapy for standard and complex cases, and eye plaque LDR brachytherapy.  She serves as Physics Chair of the department’s active Quality Safety and Operations Committee.  Dr. Schubert is active in numerous national societies, including AAPM, SDAMPP, ABR, and ACR, serving on committees that are focused on patient safety and resident education.  Dr. Schubert’s research interests include patient safety, quality improvement, and innovations in resident education.

What do you like to do outside of work?  I try to spend as much time as possible outdoors.  Growing up in Alaska probably instilled this in me.  When I moved to Colorado, I quickly realized that I would never become bored in this state due to large amount of easily accessible outdoor opportunities.  My family and I love exploring Colorado, camping in the numerous national forests and exploring various trails.  When in the city, Denver is a great place for live music and excellent restaurants.  We also love to travel, ranging from road tripping to nearby national parks and interesting areas or farther abroad internationally.

What do you think are the strengths of the residency program here?  I think that a training program is only as good as the people doing the training.  We have an incredibly strong, well-functioning team of physicists.  This allows the resident to benefit from a great learning environment.  The physicists are invested in the resident’s learning and are genuinely interested in helping the resident succeed.  Additionally, we are known for being a thorough, organized program.  The quality of our treatment planning training is particularly noteworthy.  Residents come out of our training extremely well prepared and well supported for the next steps of their careers.

What do you like best about working here? The faculty and staff in this department are impressive and are great at their jobs.  This includes physicists, physicians, dosimetrists, therapists, and administrative staff.  The different staffing groups work exceedingly well together and the collegial atmosphere is second to none.  Not only is this important for quality and safety, but residents hugely benefit from such a positive dynamic.  This is especially important because our program emphasizes multi-disciplinary learning and broader involvement in the department.

Program Coordinator - Connor McCloskeyMcCloskey 2020

Hometown: Littleton, CO
Undergraduate: University of Colorado Denver

Connor McCloskey joined the Medical Physics Residency Program as Program Coordinator in the fall of 2018. Before coming to the Department of Radiation Oncology, Connor served as the UHL Community Outreach Coordinator on the CU Denver campus, where he helped organize and run community service activities for CU’s prestigious University Honors and Leadership program. As Program Coordinator, Connor assists in running all aspects of the Medical Physics Residency Program. Connor also acts as one of the department’s many administrative assistants, helping to coordinate all parts of the department’s business logistics. 

What do you like to do outside of work? I love hiking whenever I can! El Dorado State Park is a particular favorite of mine. When I’m not in the mountains, I can usually be found in a café hard at work on a programming project, writing stories, or playing games late into the night!

What do you think the strengths of the residency program are? Our program’s strengths come from the pillars on which we’ve built it: our structure, our team, and our hands-on approach to teaching. We have a lot to teach our residents in the short time they’re here, all with the goal of ensuring they graduate as full-fledged, independent medical physicists. There’s only one way to accomplish that: having a well-organized training program, a team of teachers that deeply care for their craft and passing it on, and opportunities for residents to be a part of our awesome team!

What do you like best about working here? The people, hands down. Our physicists and extended Radiation Oncology family are some extraordinarily talented folks who are simply a joy to work with!

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