Clinical Trials

Excellence in Treatment Options Through Research


The faculty members in the University of Colorado’s Radiation Oncology Department are more than outstanding clinicians; they are all nationally recognized clinical researchers, with expertise in conducting clinical research trials in their areas of specialization. 

Our faculty have conducted innovative trials within University of Colorado Hospital, investigating novel radiotherapy treatment approaches for head and neck, brain, lung, liver, and numerous other cancers. These have focused on stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT), and other methods of intensifying radiotherapy treatment by increasing dose and accuracy, shortening treatment courses and combining radiotherapy with new drug combinations. 

The successful results of many of these pioneering trials conducted at our institution have been presented at national research conferences and are now being investigated on a national level.  Our faculty members are also strong leaders in national and international clinical research trials.  They have designed numerous trials which have garnered sponsorship by the United States National Cancer Institute (NCI), and are available to cancer patients across North America and around the world.  These trials include trials in breast cancer, cervix cancer, rectal cancer, head and neck cancer, and many others.  Our faculty are active and hold leadership positions in the nation’s leading cancer research groups, which include RTOG (Radiation Therapy Oncology Group), SWOG (South-West Oncology Group), COG (Children’s Oncology Group), and GOG (Gynecologic Oncology Group). More information on clinical trials and current open studies can be viewed at the following link:

Clinical Trials

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