Motor Control Group

Labs within the Motor Control Cluster study the computational and algorithmic control of movement within numerous brain areas including motor cortex, basal ganglia, cerebellum and superior colliculus. Labs also develop therapeutic approaches to treat motor disorders including developing high-dimensional deep brain stimulation methods and vagal nerve stimulation. We are a broadly interdisciplinary group and use a range of methods including 2-photon in vivo imaging, high-density electrophysiology, optogenetics, fiber photometry, computational modeling, quantitative behavior, anatomy and molecular phenotyping. We collectively have a strong track record in training successful and passionate scientists and welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds both scientifically and culturally. We hold multiple journal clubs that cover contemporary work in the neural control of movement and maintain vibrant and collaborative labs.

Jason Christie (100 x 125)

Jason M. Christie


Neural-circuit mechanisms that underlie learning-dependent optimization of behavior

David DiGregorio -- 100 x 125

David DiGregorio, PhD

Professor and Chair

Abigail Person, PhD

Abigail Person

Professor; Co-Director, Neuroscience Graduate Program

Neurophysiology of the cerebellum​​

Cristin Welle, PhD

Cristin Welle

Associate Professor

Neurotechnology, neuromodulation, and motor circuits


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