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The Department of Physiology and Biophysics has a long history of applying quantitative approaches to key problems in biomedical research. Our faculty use cutting-edge multidisciplinary approaches and incorporate their strengths in molecular, cellular and systems biology, electrophysiology, electrical engineering and advanced light microscopy to carry out internationally recognized research. Whereas the specific research interests of the faculty are diverse, we have in common the goal of using innovative and rigorous methods to address fundamental questions. These core bonds have led to a collaborative and supportive environment, ideal for training of graduate students & post-doctoral fellows and fostering interactions with basic and clinical researchers in other departments.

On-going areas of research span the range of molecular and cellular studies of neuronal and muscle cell function and development to systems level analyses of information processing in the brain. The individual Faculty web pages provide more and specific details of our exciting research program.


Steve Fadul

Nominations for the 2023 Steven Fadul Award are being accepted now through November 30. This award honors one outstanding Professional Research Assistant each year.

Cristin Welle, PhD

Cristin Welle was awarded a SPARK|REACH award from CU Innovations.

Gidon Felsen, PhDGidon Felson renewed his grant from the NIH/NINDS to study functional neural circuits for decision making.
Courtney DobrottCourtney Dobrott (of the Person Lab) was awarded an F32.
Katrina NguyenKatrina Nguyen (of the Person Lab) was selected as a mentor for the Simons SURFin program.
No photo availableZoe Owrutsky (of the Tollin Lab) defended her PhD thesis on June 6.
Monica Benson
Monica Benson (of the Tollin Lab) defended her PhD thesis on June 12.