Recent Publications


Peters Colin H, Bankston JR, Proenza Catherine, July 2020
Isoform-specific regulation of HCN4 channels by a family of endoplasmic reticulum proteins

Tsai Ming-Feng, Tsai Chen-Wei, Rodriguez Madison, June 2020
Structure and mechanism of the mitochondrial Ca 2+ uniporter holocomplex

Ribera Angie, May 2020
Long-lived zebrafish Rohon-Beard cells

Klipp RC, Cullinan MM, Bankston JR, March 2020
Insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying the inhibition of acid-sensing ion channel 3 gating by stomatin

Doykos TK, Gilmer JI, Person AL, Felsen G, February 2020
Monosynaptic inputs to specific cell types of the intermediate and deep layers of the superior colliculus

McCullagh EA, Poleg S, Greene NT , Huntsman MM , Tollin DJ, Klug A, January 2020
Characterization of Auditory and Binaural Spatial Hearing in a Fragile X Syndrome Mouse Model

McCullagh EA, Rotschafer SE, Auerbach BD , Klug A, Kaczmarek LK , Cramer KS , Kulesza RJ Jr , Razak KA , Lovelace JW , Lu Y , Koch U , Wang Y , February 2020
Mechanisms underlying auditory processing deficits in Fragile X syndrome

Isabel C. Vallecillo-Viejo, Noa Liscovitch-Brauer, Juan F. Diaz Quiroz, Maria F. Montiel-Gonzalez, Sonya Nemes, Kavita J. Rangan, Simon R. Levinson, Eli Eisenberg, and Joshua J.C. Rosenthal (March 2020)
Spatially regulated editing of genetic information within a neuron
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Rock Levinson co-authored a manuscript just published in Nucleic Acids Research that was selected as a Breakthrough Paper. The Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole, Tel Aviv University in Israel, and The Anschutz Medical Campus at the University of Colorado in Denver). Nucleic Acids Research.

Banakis-Hartl RM, Brown AD, Benichoux V, Dondzillo A, Greene NT and Tollin DJ (2020)
Establishing an Animal Model of Single-Sided Deafness in Chinchilla lanigera, Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery 161(6):1004-1011

Owrutsky Z, Benichoux V and Tollin DJ (2020, in press)
Binaural hearing by the auditory brainstem – joint coding of interaural level and time differences by the lateral superior olive. In R Litovsky, M Goupell, A Popper and R Fay (Eds.) Binaural Hearing, Springer Handbook of Auditory Research. New York: Springer-Verlag.
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Welle CG, Gao Y, Ye M, Lozzi A, Boretsky A, Abliz E, Hammer DX (2020)
Longitudinal neural and vascular structural dynamics produced by chronic microelectrode

Bacmeister CM*, Barr HJ*, McClain CR*, Thorton MA, Nettles D, Welle CG, Hughes EG. (2020)
Motor Learning Promotes Remyelination via New and Surviving Oligodendrocytes. Accepted, Nature Neuroscience.


Achim Klug, Liz McCullagh, Nov 2019
Low-latency single channel real-time neural spike sorting system based on template matching

Achim Klug, Liz McCullagh, Nov 2019
Enhancement of de novo sequencing, assembly and annotation of the Mongolian gerbil genome with transcriptome sequencing and assembly from several different tissues

Alon Poleg-Polsky, Nov 2019
Dendritic Spikes Expand the Range of Well Tolerated Population Noise Structures

Colin Peters, Emily Sharpe, Cathy Proenza, Nov 2019
Cardiac Pacemaker Activity and Aging.

Dan Tollin, Oct 2019
Establishing an Animal Model of Single-Sided Deafness in Chinchilla lanigera

Gidon Felsen, Andy Tekriwal, July 2019
Neural Circuit and Clinical Insights from Intraoperative Recordings During Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery

Anthony Peng, Andrew Mecca, Giusy Caprara, Oct 2019
Hair Bundle Stimulation Mode Modifies Manifestations of Mechanotransduction Adaptation.

Alon Poleg-Polsky, Sept 2019
Dendritic Spikes Expand the Range of Well Tolerated Population Noise Structures.

Dan Tollin, July 2019
Between-ear sound frequency disparity modulates a brain stem biomarker of binaural hearing

Dan Tollin, Nate Greene, Aug 2019
A Comparison of Intracochlear Pressures During Ipsilateral and Contralateral Stimulation With a Bone Conduction Implant.

Cristin Welle, Sept 2019
A rat model for assessing the long-term safety and performance of peripheral nerve electrode arrays.

Cristin Welle, Sept 2019
Neural engineering: the process, applications, and its role in the future of medicine.

Cristin Welle, Nov 2019
Ultrasonic modulation of acute and chronic brain function.
No link available.

Nathan Schoppa, Aug 2019
Balancing Extrasynaptic Excitation and Synaptic Inhibition within Olfactory Bulb Glomeruli.

Gidon Felsen, Jacki Essig, Joel Zylberberg, April 2019
Spatial representations in the superior colliculus are modulated by competition among targets.

Achim Klug, May 2019
Computationally inexpensive enhanced growing neural gas algorithm for real-time adaptive neural spike clustering

Liz McCullagh, April 2019
Request a woman scientist: A database for diversifying the public face of science

Abby Person, May 2019
Corollary Discharge Signals in the Cerebellum.

Abby Person, Matt Becker, June 2019
Cerebellar Control of Reach Kinematics for Endpoint Precision

Dan Tollin, June 2019
Intracochlear Pressure Transients During Cochlear Implant Electrode Insertion: Effect of Micro-mechanical Control on Limiting Pressure Trauma.

Elijah Christensen, Joel Zylberberg, April 2019
Using deep learning to probe the neural code for images in primary visual cortex

Gidon Felsen, Jan 2019
Reconciling the opposing effects of neurobiological evidence on criminal sentencing judgments

Anthony Peng, Mar 2019
The tarantula toxin GxTx detains K+ channel gating charges in their resting conformation

Abby Person, Jesse Gilmer, Feb 2019
Pathway-Specific Drive of Cerebellar Golgi Cells Reveals Integrative Rules of Cortical Inhibition

Ming-Feng Tsai, Chen-Wei Tsai, Jan 2019
The conserved aspartate ring of MCU mediates MICU1 binding and regulation in the mitochondrial calcium uniporter complex


Abby Person, Jesse Gilmer, Dec 2018
Theoretically Sparse, Empirically Dense: New Views on Cerebellar Granule Cells

Alon Poleg-Polsky, Dec 2018
NMDA spikes mediate amplification of inputs in the rat piriform cortex

Dan Tollin, Dec 2018
Spatial variation in signal and sensory precision both constrain auditory acuity at high frequencies

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