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Associate Professor

Andrew Smith, PhD

Andrew Smith PT, DPT, PhD

Associate Professor
  • Physical Therapy (SOM)

Dr. Andrew C. Smith is a rehabilitation scientist whose primary interest is improving the assessment and clinical management of individuals with spinal cord injury. Dr. Smith’s secondary interest is in the quantification and characterization of skeletal muscle in health and disease states. Current research activities include: using medical imaging to to investigate the extent of spinal cord injury and its impact on motor and sensory function, using magnetic resonance imaging to improve the mechanistic understanding of responsiveness to spinal cord stimulation, and convolutional neural networks to automate segmentation processes of neuromusculoskeletal imaging.

Dr. Smith has received several notable research awards from the National Institutes of Health, Foundation for Physical Therapy Research, and the American Physical Therapy Association, including a NIH R03 Early Career Investigator Award.

Dr. Smith earned his doctor of physical therapy degree (DPT) from the University of Washington, and completed his PhD in neuroscience at Northwestern University. 

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