C = Comprehensive to the core

U = Use yourself

P = Patient-centered goals

M = Movement over meds

R = Reassurance

The CU PM&R Approach to Treating Sciatica

Clinical Course of Motor Deficits from Lumbosacral Radiculopathy Due to Disk Herniation

Venu Akuthota MD,  Ben Marshall DO,  Sandra Boimbo MPH,  Mark C. Osborne MD,  Cynthia S. Garvan PhD,  Gerard J. Garvan BS,  Marzena Buzanowska MD,  Kelly Sauerwein MS,  Balaji V. Sridhar MD PhD,  Christopher T. Plastaras MD

8/1/2019 - 1/28/19

The clinical course of motor deficits from lumbosacral radiculopathy appears to improve with or without surgery. Strength measurements have been confined to manual muscle testing (MMT) and have not been extensively followed and quantified in prior studies.

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