Energy Balance Assessment Core

About the EBA Core

The Energy Balance Assessment Core (EBA) has been an integral component of the Colorado NORC since 1997. The EBA Core provides support for the measurement of components of energy balance (e.g., energy expenditure and intake) and for assessing consequences of alterations in energy balance (e.g., body composition, substrate oxidation). The Overarching Aim of the EBAC is to provide expertise and support for obesity and nutrition related basic, clinical, translational, and transdisciplinary research for NORC investigators at CU Anschutz and its' affiliates. Services of the EBA Core are essential for many NORC investigators.


    Energy Balance Lab (EBL)

    The Energy Balance Lab (EBL) provides services to assess body composition, bone density, physical fitness, and energy expenditure values in research participants. Only CTRC-approved research protocols can request Energy Balance Lab services. 

    For pricing information or to request services from the Energy Balance Lab, please contact Jere Hamilton.

    Services Offered Include:

    EBL Small Animal Subcore

    The small animal sub-core of the EBL provides support for PI’s who want to measure energy intake, energy intake, physical activity, and body composition in small animals. This is the only metabolic phenotyping core on campus, and the specialized equipment has been uniquely modified so that measures of energy balance can be acquired while assessing nutrient trafficking and metabolism. Although most of the work involves strains of rats and genetically modified mice, the equipment has also been used to study ground squirrels, pythons, and flies.

    The 400sqft IACUC-approved NORC animal satellite facility is used for long term housing, metabolic phenotyping, intake monitoring, nutrient tracer studies, rodent exercise, and other preclinical procedures.

    Services Offered Include:

    EBA Core Contacts

    Director: Wendy Kohrt, PhD

    Assistant Director: Seth Creasy, PhD

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    For more information, please visit the Melanson Lab.

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