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About the Administrative Core

The Colorado NORC’s Administrative Core oversees and coordinates the activities of an enrichment program, a pilot/feasibility program, and three biomedical research cores. The Administrative Core is ultimately responsible for the success of the NORC, its' cores and programs, and for providing the long-term vision and strategic investments that will maximize the NORC’s impact and effectiveness in the Rocky Mountain Region.

The Administrative Core oversees the following areas:

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Oversees and manages the day-to-day operations of the Colorado NORC, by:

  • Maintaining excellent lines of communication and engagement with and between leaders and personnel of the cores and programs.
  • Providing administrative support to help cores and programs achieve their goals.
  • Coordinating and guiding activities to foster collaboration, synergy, and efficiency.
  • Directing the adaptation of services and expertise to meet the needs of the research base.
  • Ensuring fiscal responsibility and regulatory compliance.

Industry Partnership

Sustains strong, productive relationships with campus partners and institutional leaders, by:

  • Providing objective metrics of impact and effectiveness that justify continued support for the NORC’s cores and programs.
  • Building or expanding collaborative partnerships that reduce redundancy, increase efficiency, and align with broader research and educational goals.
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Facilitating Community Within the Research Base

Maintains a strong, cohesive sense of community among the research base, by:

  • Effective communication that keeps the research base informed of programmatic opportunities, core offerings, and funding opportunities.
  • Proactive solicitation of feedback on the effectiveness and impact of cores and programs.
  • Targeted investments that effectively meet the evolving needs of the research base.
  • Engaging social and networking events that foster interdisciplinary collaboration.


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National NORC Engagement 

Sustaining strong, productive relationships with the national NORC community, by:

  • Maintaining excellent lines of communication with program officials and other NORC leaders.
  • Fostering inter-NORC collaboration and engagement.
  • Advocating for NORC research and educational objectives in the broader scientific community.


Admin Core Contacts

Director: Paul MacLean, PhD

Executive Director: Daniel Bessesen, MD

Administrator: Olivia Schmidt, BS 

Grant Manager: Caro Henauw, MS

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