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CoPARC Research Participants and Patients

Participants will be recruited from sites in Denver and across the United States

  • Participants with alcohol use disorders (AUDs)
  • Participants with chronic cannabis use
  • Non-AUD Control Subjects
  • Patients with Respiratory Failure on Mechanical Ventilation (with and without COVID-19)
  • Patients with Burn Injury in a Designated Burn ICU


CoPARC Research Biologic Samples

Various types of biologic samples will be obtained from ambulatory participants (with AUDs or chronic cannabis use, and matched controls) and patients (with respiratory failure (COVID-19 positive and negative), or with burn injury) enrolled in consortium investigations that may include bronchoalveolar lavage (fluid and cells), bronchial brushings, nasal brushings, tracheal aspirate, plasma, serum, cryopreserved peripheral mononuclear cells, urine and stool.

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CoPARC Research Data

Human participants data collected as a part of CoPARC investigations will be stored on the REDCap system. The data can be accessed by designated investigators as part of on-going research efforts.

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