About the CCPM Biobank:

The CCPM Biobank is a valuable resource managed by the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine.It contains genetic information, biological specimens, and clinical data for consenting participants across the UCHealth network. The primary goal is to aid discoveries in personalized medicine by understanding individual differences and their impact on health and disease.

Access to Biobank Committee (ABC):

The ABC was formed to ensure the broad and proper use of biobank resources. It is composed of diverse members, including University of Colorado clinical and research faculty, regulatory experts, biobank laboratory leadership, and more. The ABC provides an objective review of requests to access biobank data or resources for scientific validity. Complete this application form to start the ABC approval process. Or, if you are interested in completing a cohort request or running a GWAS analysis, please fill out an investigator exploration application form.

CCPM-CIDA Partnership:

CCPM partners with the Center for Innovative Design and Analysis (CIDA) to support campus analytical needs for research using biobank data. CIDA, known for sustainable and scalable research analytics, helps make biobank genetic data accessible to researchers who need support in completing analyses. All CCPM biobank genetic data requires approval from the Access to Biobank Committee (ABC). Please complete this application form to start the ABC approval process. If you have questions about biobank data access and genetic data analysis, please contact CIDA.CCPM@cuanschutz.edu.

Colorado Biobank Portal (CBP):

The CBP is an application developed by CCPM that provides at-a-glance information on genetic associations. It allows access to the latest data freeze results from genetic association studies for many phenotypes and biobank participants. Click here to apply for access.

Available Resources:

  • The biobank houses over 73,000 genotyped samples.
  • Health Data Compass (HDC) may be able to connect biobank data with patient clinical data, like demographics, diagnoses, medications, and more.
  • Over 130,000 DNA samples obtained from whole blood are available for approved research.

Please contact CIDA.CCPM@cuanschutz.edu with questions.


Contact Us

For questions about biobank resource access or genetic data analysis contact CIDA - CIDA.CCPM@cuanschutz.edu

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