Access to Biobank Committee (ABC)

To facilitate broad and appropriate use of biobank resources, the biobank has created the Access to Biobank Committee (ABC). The ABC is a dynamic group of University of Colorado faculty, staff, and UCHealth clinicians with broad and diverse research, regulatory and clinical expertise. 

Membership of the ABC is comprised of CCPM Leadership, Health Data Compass representatives, regulatory, legal and data experts, and where necessary, investigators with relevant subject expertise to the study proposal request(s). Representation from CCPM and other subject matter experts across the University of Colorado may be invited to the meetings as needed to supplement discussions and decision making.

The ABC has two overarching aims:

  1. To serve as a consultative body for developing and implementing policies and processes to facilitate access to CCPM Biobank resources (biological specimens, genotyping data, participant health information, and recontact of participants).
  2. To be the review and decision decision-making body for investigators that have completed a study proposal for biological specimens, recontact of participants, and limited data sets / PHI datasets.

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