Jin Cha

Research Services Professional

I love learning about life science, and I think the research field is the place where it will fulfill my passion for biological science. I am the type of person who always has both personal and professional goals that I want to achieve. This ensures that I stay focused, driven, and motivated. I am a result-driven person and I always focus on achieving positive outcomes in everything I do at work. My goal is to learn more about the effects of drugs on various diseases and get opportunities to lead research.

I have a general molecular laboratory skillset and know how to extract DNA and RNA. I know how to culture Mammalian Cells and bacterial Cells.

I worked at Anschutz Medical Campus Plastics and Reconstructive Division as a professional research assistant from June 2021 to February 2022. As a PRA, I produced proteins using yeast and E. coli expression systems. With the protein that I produced, I administer injections on mice (NSG type) that are tumor induced. I also have learned ELlSA (Sandwich style) and Flow Cytometry (FACS). I have a co-authorship on CRS manuscript titled “CCR4-IL2 bispecific immunotoxin does not induce cytokine release syndrome” which is being reviewed for publication.

I worked at the University of Colorado Denver from April 2019-March 2020 as a research assistant in Dr. Brad Stith’s Src research. I performed surgery on animals to collect samples (sperms and eggs) and extracted Src protein. I used phosphatidic acid and ionomycin to regulate the Src protein in in-vitro fertilization. With extracted Src protein, I performed phosphospecific western blot, and then analyze data using a Sigma plot (software program).

For my independent study, I wrote a short article on the activity of Src protein before fertilization and after fertilization.

Curriculum Vitae

Jin Cha
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