Jake Miller-Dawson

Research Services Professional

I am a microbiologist and EMT here in Colorado. I've done work in both BSL2 and BSL3 settings with SARS-CoV-2 and Mycobacterium tuberculosis, both in vitro and in vivo assays. I have a particular interest in infectious disease, as well as bioremediation.

I currently hold my Master's degree in microbiology, though I intend on starting my PhD within the next couple of years. It is my dream to make a meaningful difference in the world through biological research and to pass on my knowledge and experience to future generations.

In my free time, I am an avid gamer, though I also love to read anything fantasy or sci-fi, and I am learning to play the piano with aspirations to one day play Beethoven and Mozart. In the summer, white-water rafting is where I get all of my adrenaline, and I would love to expand into kayaking and archery.

Curriculum Vitae


CU Anschutz

Academic Office One

12631 East 17th Avenue

Room: 6111

Aurora, CO 80045


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