A. R. Martin, PhD
Professor Emeritus

A. R. Martin, PhD

Department of Physiology and Biophysics
University of Colorado School of Medicine

RC1 North Tower, P18-7113
Mail Stop 8307
Aurora, CO 80045


Bob Martin served as Chair of Physiology from 1970 to 1993. When he retired, the Department and Medical School sponsored a one-day Symposium in his honor. That evening, a gala banquet was held, and the creation of the A. R. Martin Lectureship in Physiology was announced. In addition, Bob's scientific publications have been reprinted and bound into a book, The Collected Works of A. R. Martin. Besides bringing together all 550 pages of his scientific publications, the book also includes a delightful autobiographical sketch.

A.R. Martin Lecturers are invited to give two talks, one — The A.R. Martin Lecture — of broad scope, adapted for a wide scientific audience, and the other suited for a more specialized audience. Martin Lecturers also meet with the faculty and students, and attend a symposium featuring presentations by advanced graduate students and postdoc trainees in the BNAT program. (BNAT = Basic Neuroscience Advanced Training)

More recently Rock Levinson and Warren Wicklegren published a piece in J Physiology about Dr. Bob Martin, to honor his memory.

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