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  • Osseointegration Direct Connections

    Implant Options Expand ProsthetistsOpens in a new window

    Sep 21, 2022

    Eric Mollaret, a transfemoral amputee and recipient of the OPRA™ Implant System, enjoys the ordinary, simple and everyday freedoms that many take for granted. PHOTO: Integrum NEED TO KNOW • Approximately 2,000 individuals worldwide, and 500 who live in the United States, have undergone osseointegration (OI) surgery to attach a prosthesis via implant.

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  • Opting for Osseointegration

    OPTING FOR OSSEOINTEGRATIONOpens in a new window

    Sep 4, 2022

    Lauren Malinowitzer never imagined she would spend an entire year sitting in a recliner, deeply depressed from an orthopedic surgery gone wrong. But dead nerves in her right ankle stole her mobility, and daily battles with chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS) filled her with despair. During one especially bad morning in 2019, Malinowitzer felt the only way out of her agony was to stop living altogether. She wrote goodbye notes to her family and stashed them away. Then she went off to a medical appointment in Manhattan that changed everything.

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  • Osseointegration, A Game Changer for Amputee's

    Osseointegration, A Game Changer for Amputee'sOpens in a new window

    Dec 31, 2022
    As more people with amputations choose osseointegration (OI), prosthetists across the country are learning how to support this patient base. About 2,000 patients across the world have undergone the procedure to have titanium implanted inside their bones to connect to their prostheses. About 500 of those patients have received the Osseo anchored Prostheses for the Rehabilitation of Amputees (OPRA) Implant System, the only US Food and Drug (FDA)-Approved osseointegration solution in the United States.
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  • Gait Analysis Osseointegration

    Osseointegrated Prostheses Improve Balance and Balance Confidence in Individuals with Unilateral Transfemoral Limb LossOpens in a new window

    Dec 15, 2022
    Background: More than half of patients with lower-limb amputation who use socket prostheses experience at least one fall annually. These falls are primarily attributed to reduced proprioception which negatively affects balance. A promising alternative to socket prostheses are osseointegrated prostheses that involve direct fixation of the prosthetic limb to the residual limb through a bone-anchored implant, yet its effect on balance remains unknown. Research question: Do osseointegrated prostheses change static and dynamic balance, as well as patient reported measures of balance confidence, compared to a socket prosthesis?
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  • Lengthening a limb after a bad break of his hip

    Lengthening a limb after a bad break of his hipOpens in a new window

    Jan 13, 2021
    It’s not often you manage to damage yourself in a city of 70,000 – the population of Broomfield or Castle Rock – that’s also the middle of nowhere. So it was, though, for Wim Haverhals. During the week leading up to Labor Day 2017, the 50-year-old Denver IT professional was back in Black Rock City, Nevada, for the annual weeklong Burning Man arts and music festival.
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