Colorado PCA Webinar and Support Group Webinar

Wednesday, April 6 , 2022

10:30 am to 11:30 am (MST)



See Below For Registration


We have a special support group meeting coming up in honor of the decade of service the PCA support group has provided to the PCA community. Please join us for the meeting via zoom by clicking on the link below to register.

Dr. Pelak will recognize donors and give a special thank you to the family of a founding member. In addition, Dr. Pelak will provide updates in the field and discuss ongoing research at the University of Colorado. There will be time for questions and answers and time for informal discussions between members.


Sponsored by generous donors of the Brain and Vision Fund at the University of Colorado

Register for the webinar and submit questions here (all questions must be submitted prior to the event):




Required - please only include a state or country, do not include a personal address in this field.

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