Memory Disorders Clinic


The University of Colorado Neurobehavior and Memory Disorders Clinic is a key component of the University of Colorado Alzheimer's and Cognition Center, along with research. At our Memory Disorders Clinic, we see over 2500 patient visits in a year with memory complaints and neurodegenerative diseases. With seven behavioral neurologists, three behavioral neurology fellows, a neuropsychologist, neuropsychology fellow, and an advanced practice provider, we are able to provide world-class memory care through accurate diagnoses and the latest treatments. Also, as a part of the CU Alzheimer's and Cognition Center, we are able to provide opportunities to our patients to participate in clinical trials and observational studies. 



To schedule an Appointment:

Phone: 720-848-2080

Address: Memory Disorders Clinic

UCHealth Central Park Medical Center

3055 Roslyn Street, Suite 120

Denver, CO 80238


Memory issues are treated in the neurology subspecialty called Behavioral Neurology


Patient care begins with an appointment to evaluate memory loss. If you or someone you care about has concerns about memory, call the UCHealth Neurosciences Center at 720-848-2080 to request an appointment with a Behavioral Neurologist. If this is your first visit with the University of Colorado Health system, the scheduling specialists will explain how to have your medical information sent here. You are encouraged to join our online patient support service, My Health Connection, found at​


​Once you have enrolled in My Health Connection, you may fill out the forms describing your medical history, your current symptoms and your concerns for your visit. Completing this information in advance will help introduce you to the clinician before your visit, making your time in the clinic more productive.


Because of the nature of memory loss, we strongly advise that every patient be accompanied by someone who knows the patient well. This would be a spouse or partner, adult child, close relative or close friend who can provide reliable information about the individual’s memory problems. We also require new patients to complete a medical history form before seeing the clinician.

​Your New Patient Experience begins with a comprehensive neurological evaluation appointment, which is approximately 90 minutes long. The neurologist will review and discuss the patient’s history, symptoms and current health and memory problems from both the patient and the patient partner. The patient be given a neurological exam and will perform initial cognitive tests. 


The doctor will also determine the need for additional tests, which may include more extensive cognitive tests, imaging, and other laboratory tests related to neurology.


The patient is also given notes to review from the visit, which may include doctors’ orders, prescriptions, and lifestyle suggestions.




Clinic Visit Q&A

After the initial visit, a one-hour diagnostic visit is held. During this visit, the patient, the patient partner, and the clinician will review the results of the tests and additional exams. The clinician will explain the diagnosis and how it was reached. He or she will also discuss a treatment care plan, as needed, review medications, and answer follow-up questions.


At either the initial or follow-up visit, the clinician may discuss opportunities to participate in research. Many people who participate in research studies conducted by the University of Colorado Alzheimer's and Cognition Center are referred by our clinicians, who are familiar with the eligibility requirements of the different studies and clinical trials. Depending on the needs of the different studies, a research assistant will contact patients separately about participating in research, if they express an interest.

Patients are not required to have a referral from another physician, but it is encouraged. To schedule an appointment and discuss insurance options, call (720) 848-2080, to consult with UCHealth Neurosciences patient representative.  


We accept all insurances accepted by the University of Colorado, which includes Medicare and Medicaid. For more information, please visit UCHealth Billing and Pricing


Phone: 720-848-2080

Address: Memory Disorders Clinic

UCHealth Stapleton Medical Center

3055 Roslyn Street, Suite 120

Denver, CO 80238​