Our Center's Anti-Racism Statement

Anti-Racism Statement

Action Plan

The University of Colorado Alzheimer’s and Cognition Center has developed an action plan to evaluate and address racial disparities in dementia burden, clinical care access, and research priorities. We will review and update our plan continuously and welcome input from the community. Our first steps include:

  1. To establish a Diversity and Inclusion Committee to oversee the timely implementation of our action plan.
  2. To invite Diversity and Inclusion professionals for regular consultations to further enhance the inclusive and welcoming culture in the Center.
  3. To offer frequent educational opportunities through the Center focused on diversity and inclusion to address needed culture shifts.
  4. To increase community outreach and engagement through collaboration with University and community organizations.
  5. To reach out to middle school, high school, and undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds to offer learning, training, and shadowing opportunities in our laboratories and in the Memory Disorders Clinic.
  6. To set up community town hall meetings as listening sessions for the Center, focused on the needs of the community in healthcare and aging.


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